Add automatic tags to your mentions

Automated Tags can give you a very quick look into the different media agendas that you would like to follow

You can easily add Tags to your search streams. This gives you the opportunity to gain insight into the desired media coverage by analyzing it in Measure and using Tags as a filter.


How to add Tags to your media monitoring with only 3 clicks

  1. You can easily add Tags to your media monitoring in Monitor
  2. Click on Stream to find the search streams that you would like to add Tags to.
  3. When you have clicked on Edit Stream, you will get access to edit your chosen search stream. Under Advanced at the bottom of the page, you find the field for Auto Tags. You are now able to add the Tags you would like to connect to the chosen media coverage. You are able to add several tags to the same search stream. 


Don’t forget to press Save to save the changes in your search stream. 

From now on, the media coverage will be tagged with your custom tags, fully prepared to be strategically used.

Tip: You can already add Tags when you create the search. Remember to click on Enable Autoclippings which is placed left to the Auto Tags field.

If you have any questions about Tags or if you need help updating your search streams, please feel free to contact our helpful team of advisors. You can contact us here: